Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Re-do for big blue

I picked up my newly fired cookie jar from the center today but I will have to hold off on the cookies. For some reason the glaze on the lid came out smooth and the body of the jar did not. The blue speckles on the body gives it a nice depth and so do the pin holes and blisters. Pin holes and blister....not exactly the "depth" I had in mind!  I used Amaco's paintable Indigo Float glaze which is usually so reliable. This pot is not one of my minis; reaching almost 9 inches with its lid on. So I am really hoping a re-fire will help.


  1. I like the Potters Choice glazes, and the Indigo Float is one of my favorites. Do you sieve them? I find I get better results if I do but don't know if that would solve your pin hole problems as I haven't had that particular problem with many variables....

  2. I didn't sieve the glaze. I will have to try that. The refiring didn't help, so I am thinking it is a clay-body and glaze issue. Yes, so many variables. Thanks for your post.