Friday, January 27, 2012

Project: Glaze

In my quest to become proficient on the wheel, I have accumulated a variety of shapes and sizes of bisque fired pottery. The shapes of some of these pots seemed so attractive to me, in their matt, monotone simplicity that I couldn't imagine or fathom putting a glazing them. But my pots were incomplete; without closure, so to speak. And what about me? I had no closure either. In other words, I was stuck! Well, they have sat there long enough and as the expression goes: it is time to clear the deck or in this case - shelf. To some, it may not look like a lot of pots but there are smaller pots hiding inside of the larger ones! And you know how small I can make them. So one of my New Year's resolution is to, one by one, glaze them all. It's got to be easier than my other resolution which is to lose 10 lbs. Right? Time will tell.

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