Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not just for metal anymore

My son needed a cup, for his desk, to hold pens and pencils. The light weight containers he was using kept tipping over. Since my pottery can have a nice stabilizing weight to it, I made him a pen/pencil cup...a guy's cup. I threw a basic cylinder and added pieces of clay resembling a high relief version of a diamond plate pattern. Making the diamond pattern come out even all around was mainly due to luck since I was not in a planning mood and in quite a hurry to have it dry in time to fire. I was glad it was completed in time for Christmas. It seems like I started so early and had plenty of time. Then, all of the sudden...time's up. The magazine industry prepares their Christmas issue during the summer. Maybe they've got the right idea.


  1. I love the diamond playing! That glaze is a great compliment to the texture too!