Saturday, January 14, 2012


I consider myself very fortunate to have access to these kilns located at our senior center. What a wonderful resource for promoting the arts. Of course the volunteers that keep everything running at the center,  are amazing. Our pottery class wouldn't exist without John, our Friday workshop leader. He is the best....mixing glazes, cleaning the kiln shelves that inevitably get dripped on by our crazy projects and loading and firing and unloading both kilns once a week. It's nothing short of wonderful. Evan is our back-up kiln person and also teaches raku firing and how to make amazing ocarinas like the ones he makes. Such talent all around me. Maybe someday I will vounteer there, but I realistically don't have the time right now. I do sweep the floor in the crafts room and the clay closet when I get the chance. Never enough sweeping. Every little bit helps, I figure.

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