Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chawan glazed

It took three glazes and some wax resist to get all this "action" on this bowl's surface. Not exactly what I was after (it hardly ever is) but it made my day. It's also the first time I'm using the new stamp I made: LK utah. I stamped it in a prominent place because this bowl is mine! Pottery bowls of all sizes are very useful around the house, I am finding, and I needed one that was for my personal use. The first one  I made was too small; forever my problem. This one, however, is 6 inches wide. I do drink green tea but I have never participated in a tea ceremony using a chawan so I have no use for it that way. Milk and cereal is another story. Why does milk and cereal taste so much better in my chawan cereal bowl? I don't know why but it did. Now to make a matching yunomi/cup.

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