Thursday, February 2, 2012

What to do with STUFF

It is amazing how every working surface can easily become a NON-working surface with the accumulation of STUFF! My mom cave, besides my pottery wheel, buckets of clay,  glazes,and tools,  is also a sewing room (which I do very little of lately but may need soon) , a picture painting room (which I rarely ever do anymore but hope to)  a file room with a cabinet for household bills (which is in constant use unfortunately), a storage space for family albums and another storage space for some family stuff I have no idea what to do with but can't get rid of...such as an old sewing machine with a curved wooden case, an old typewriter from the 1900's or maybe earlier and an old portable record player. You get my drift. A lot of stuff going on in that 11' x 14' room/mom cave. Very cozy to say the least. So  I have to be really diligent about keeping surfaces clear. So today, I made room for greenware. I cut some pieces of scrap drywall to fit the table top. It is a small space by all standards but that's how you start. You know what they say?  If you "build" it they will come. I better get to work and make it happen. Toodles.

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