Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bloggers elbow

My elbow and the fingers on my right hand are starting to tingle. I have been clicking with the computer mouse way too long. I thought I would fill in some of the gaps in my google/blog profile, such as a photo (hate the generic silhouette) and which blogs I follow, etc. Shouldn't take too long, right? Wrong, wrong, wrong. I am not sure who is more confused, my computer or me. After clicking around the blogs and joining sites, I discovered they were all listed under my husbands profile even though I was signed into my account. He plans to eventually set up his own blog so I needed to clear/delete all that and start all over again signing in as a different user and reloading my photo for the third time. Then I thought it would be cool to have a slideshow gadget of finished work on this blog. First that required collecting photos to an album, uploading to Flickr, creating a set and finding the url/rss feed html. Then I wanted to create another blog for the senior center.  Check it out if you get a chance. I'm exhaused and I didn't even get out of my chair and it's already nightfall. ugh! Anyway, here's a pottery picture for your troubles.

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