Sunday, February 5, 2012

Right off the bats

I used 6 pounds of clay to make this pot. I was hoping for more height than width but it shortened by an inch when I gave it shape. I hate when that happens but it always does so I should start to remember that! It wound up at 7 inches to the rim but with more width than I've ever been able to get without it getting wonky. So I'm getting there. I like making lids and knobs to put on pots. Assembling it like a kit, is enjoyable for me. It takes a little more work to get a good fitting lid but I'm finding more uses for pots with lids than without. So in my estimation, it's worth the extra time. I make the flange on the lid and the pot without a gallery edge figuring the inevitable will happen...the lid will get broken.   That way, at least I have a bowl or vase that doesn't look like it is missing something. I've already had that happen so I was glad I did that.


  1. That is a lovely covered container form!

  2. Thanks. I guess it might not be until next week until it's totally dry for firing.