Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Visual texture

I love a good spiral and evidently, I am not alone. That symbol/design has been around for a long time. I could write a long dissertation on "the spiral" used through the ages but I'm too lazy to make that happen, so back to my bowl. The interior of this bowl is smooth but by layering three different Coyote glazes, green matte, saturation iron and toshi brown, the result is very textured looking. I wasn't completely convinced that I liked it but seven out of eight chickens approve of this bowl, especially when it's full of corn mash. The eighth chicken was busy laying an egg. (Thank you Henney or Penny,... I can't tell them apart.) Our rooster, Rusty, is a real looker don't you think?  He's a Brown Speckled Sussex, for those chicken fans out there. Sunsets and pottery are so much easier to photograph than chickens. They never stop moving!

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  1. Hi...I just found you via Julia at Henhouse Pottery. Nice Bowl; spirals are so evocative. And that's a gorgeous sunset!
    Looking forward to more of your blog.........*s*