Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tea light stand

Just a little tea light stand I made to give a bit of height to those short candles. It's about 3 inches high and wide. I figure this would be good for votive candles also. I am working on a set of 3 with various heights...a designers bunch! The glaze is c.w. plumb with a slathering of a green glaze on the top half, which interacted nicely. Happy New Year, by the way. It's been a very cold one so far with night temperatures of zero, daytime highs of 20 degrees and snow on the ground that is refusing to melt. When this past summer was so unbearably hot, I promised myself that I wouldn't complain no matter how cold it would get this winter ... so I am not complaining. Just stating the facts  :>  brrrr  Hope it's warmer where you are.

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