Monday, January 21, 2013

My Perfect Handle

I've made a few mugs over the last few years attempting to make the perfect lip, perfect handle and perfect extra large size without the extra weight.  I call my heavy mugs  "hurricane proof". You'd be packin' heat if you carried one of my mugs around full of hot coffee!!! I feel I have succeeded with improvements with this one, however. The handle, since I wanted it thin could not be least I couldn't pull it and get the thin results that I wanted. So I took a strap of clay that came from a thrown bowl. That did the trick. It didn't take long for the strap to be the correct firmness in order to apply without cracking. Of course this is Utah and "dry" is our middle name. I did take a chance and glaze it with a brand new glaze and glaze combo. mmmm new glazzze....I couldn't resist. I'll let you know if that was a wise choice on Wednesday.

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