Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time to make some egg cups

My husband found our first, though small, egg from one of our chickens. A day, anyone who has raised chicks into full grown chickens, eagerly awaits. I remember the day when "the incredible edible egg" was good for you. Then, later, it was reported to be bad for you ... something about cholesterol. Then, they were good for you again ... something about omega 3. I like eggs, more so now than when I was younger, so I am looking forward to many more eggs from our variety pack of chickens...2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Barred Rocks, 2 Americanas, and 2 Brown Speckled Sussexs, one of which turned into a rooster! So, naturally I thought I should make a set of egg cups. That got me to thinking back to about 30 years ago, (that sounds so old) when traveling in the Alsace region of France (that sounds so rich), I bought several slipware decorated stoneware egg cups. Before I even knew what stoneware or slipware or for that matter, an egg cup was, I just knew I wanted to take them home. Like most souvenirs, I briefly used them before making room for them in my china cabinet. Wasn't much of an egg eater back then but they made great souvenirs, evoking great memories of that trip. Now I look at them with a different set of eyes, wondering how they were thrown and fired and turning them upside down looking at the color of the bare clay bottom and the absence of a foot ring. These will go back in the china cabinet soon, but the ones I make will be for the new eggs. They say not to count your chickens...etc but I haven't heard anything about not counting on eggs.

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