Saturday, March 10, 2012

I've been a bad blogger

"Life" took me hostage and wouldn't let me have enough time to get to a computer to blog (or I was just toooo tired) but I broke free and I'm back. I made this a while ago when I was researching early American pottery. It inspired me and this is my take on a small crock. The decoration is brown slip on buff clay with a clear glaze. One swipe here and a dot there, and you've got a bird. The beauty of it is in its simplicity. But "simplicity" and "easy" are not the same things. I practiced on the side before I tried it on the pot. Laguna's stoneware Buff clay with sand which shows a few speckles, is the first clay I learned to throw with. After trying out some other clays with different colors  and textures such as earthenware clay and various porcelains, I find myself wanting to use that buff clay exclusively. Once I use up my bags of odds and ends of different clays, I will be done with them and stick with that buff clay. Sometimes you discover, you had it right the first time 'round.

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