Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Digging for a post

Pottery wasn't fired at the center so I don't have the completed pieces I had planned to post. What to do, what to do.  I wandered around the house looking in nooks and shelves for pottery that managed to escape my camera lens. By the time I had found this pot, the sun was setting. I usually make a point of taking photos during the day in a room other than my "cave". The natural light floods into the room through three very large windows  which makes photography so much easier.  I have not figured out an alternative yet.  So with one hand using an LED flashlight (a super duper bright one)  and my camera in my other, I tried to get a descent photo, all the time while my camera was indicating that I shouldn't take any photo. Low battery and low light... or something like that. What do cameras know? The glaze is Amaco's Blue Rutile  and the medallion is Coyote's Shino.

The mountains are always photogenic. I had to take their picture too.

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